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Festive Greetings

Festive Greetings

Check out Doric TV’s unique Christmas messages from David Wilkie our man in the Philippines, and also from Santa’s cousin Angus, our man in Whinnyfold. We also have a great wee interview with Karen Barrett Ayres – no relation to Pam Ayres!

James Craig Ross – re; Why Doric Matters

James Craig Ross – re; Why Doric Matters

I have taken an interest in ‘why doric matters‘ after seeing some very interesting videos from Jill. The new information I have gained about places of interest that are local to me has defiantly been insightful. The effort and enthusiasm I see from Jill also makes me keen to spread the word and I believe in the importance ……

Mary Sydney Gilley

Mary Sydney Gilley

I love watching Jill visit with people in her community and beyond, highlighting their talents. I am a person who does not want culture and traditions to fade. I think that’s why I love visiting Scotland. People are so friendly and the traditions are still alive. Keep up the grand work Jill. Hope we meet some day.


Doric Future is pleased to present a collection Blog Articles that highlights the Language and Culture of the Scots language in general and the Doric Dialect in particular.

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Doric Future has many connections with musicians, poets and performers from all around the North East of Scotland, as well as further afield, our links with the talented members and visitors of the Cruden Bay folk Club has enabled Jill to compile a wide variety of musical content which is featured in the Doric TV playlists. These Blogs help all have a musical connection which we hope you enjoy.

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Since launching the Doric Future Blog back in 2019 we have been delighted to include Blog Posts from a wide variety of people from every corner of the world. In this general section, you can see contributions from ordinary folk who have something to say about what Doric means to them.

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RGU Students

In the spring of 2021 Doric Future was delighted to welcome its first-ever student placements from RGU, Ewan and Ellie contributed greatly to our website during there placement and you can read in this collection some of the great work they produced for Doric Future.

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Walking / Wellbeing

Jill has always found peace and comfort from walking in the countryside, in this collection you will find several of her accounts as well as submissions from others on the same subject.

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