Looking for something different from your luthier?
If you are looking for a Martin, Taylor, Gibson, Fender, PRS look-alike, this is not the place to be, these guys do their thing with all the tradition expertise skill and panache that years of manufacturing have enabled them to fine tune and produce the superb instruments they have built their reputations on. But, if you are in the marketplace for a one off custom instrument that personifies “you the musician” I’m your man. Give me a call and we can talk about what floats your boat.
Whether it’s just a personal inlay, or a modification to your favourite “Plank” new pick-ups, machine-heads, a re-fret, or a bespoke custom instrument with that unusual scale length that the big guys don’t seem to produce, this is the place to be.
Cherry Guitars can give you advice on the dreams you plan to try, help on “dating” your instrument sourcing those hard to get parts, everything guitar related, the little things that mean a lot to those of us with a passion for our instruments.
I’ve been a part-time gigging musician for too many years to mention, like most of us I have played the folk clubs, and the club circuit with various bands in a semi-pro capacity. I started out sorting my own guitars through necessity and graduated to repairing fellow muso’s instruments on word of mouth recommendation.

My first breakthrough came when I got a copy of Hideo Kamimoto’s “Complete Guitar Repair” way back in 1975 this inspired me to tackle repairs that until then I had considered beyond my abilities.

Since those days I pottered away with simple repairs and moved on to building solid body electric guitars with the help of various publications from the time like Melvin Hiscox’s “How to Build an Electric Guitar” and a similar book by Donald Brosnac.

My real breakthrough came when I discovered by accident that “Anniesland College” in Glasgow ran a course in acoustic instrument repair and construction.

Although living in the North East of Scotland and working full time in the Oil Industry, I contacted one of the course tutors Paul Hyndland and they were prepared to admit me on a part time basis. Having family living in the area I was able to travel down for one week per month and I completed my studies in this fashion. The two Lecturer’s there were an inspiration to me, Paul Hyndland is a fine violin maker and Bill Kelday produces the finest guitars I’ve had the pleasure to play, visit their websites to find out more.

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