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Episode 1

11th April 2020

Ethel Reid – Pitullie, Aberdeenshire – Oral History. Ethel is of a fishing background, she speaks of her family life in Pitullie and past generations. Ethel and Jill of Doric TV reminisce about their farming and fishing backgrounds. As women of the North East of Scotland, they both speak of the role their mothers played. Filmed pre-lock down 2020.

Episode 2

19th July 2021

Ethel Reid from the quaint fishing village of Pitullie, near Fraserburgh continues her story of the knitting tradition for the fishermen carried on for centuries in the N.E of Scotland . Every village has its own unique pattern for knitting Gansey s , jumpers for their men who ventured to the harsh North Sea to provide a living for their families. It is said that if a man was lost overboard out at sea, he could be traced to his village by the pattern of his Gansey . Ethel describes how as a young girl she has knitted things to do with the sea and incorporates these important aspects into the Gansey pattern. These unique designs aren’t contained in knitting patterns, they are creatively stored in the memory of these amazing fisherwomen and has been handed down from generation to generation.

Episode 3

Ethel Reid, Pitullie near Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire. Tells the stories of her fishing days when she followed the heron down to Yarmouth . She describes life in her village as she was growing up.

Episode 4

This is the 4 th video in a series of interviews with the late Ethel Reid from Pitullie, near Fraserburgh .
This shows the importance of recording oral history, by the time this last interview was published Ethel had sadly passed away. Ethel had a vast amount of stories and a great way of imparting a past way of life in Pitullie, near Fraserburgh.

She was famous for her knitting, a Gansey expert she explains the different patterns and their relevance to a way of life held by the fishing folk. Jill McWilliam

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