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Our archive of Doric TV episodes has been grouped into the following collections for your convenience and viewing pleasure, you can navigate to your required selection using the navigation options below.


Doric TV is pleased to present a collection of episodes that highlight the Language and Culture of the Dialect in particular and the Scots language in general.

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Doric TV has many connections with musicians, poets and performers from all around the North East of Scotland, as well as further afield, our links with the talented members and visitors of the Cruden Bay folk Club has enabled Jill to compile a wide variety of musical content which is featured in the Doric TV playlists. Jill has also interviewed many of these amazing people, and their stories can be found in this section of the Doric TV archive.

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Although Doric Future and Doric TV are relatively new services that were launched late in 2019, Jill had previously amassed an impressive collection of video interviews featuring a wide variety of ordinary 'Doric' people who were happy to share their stories and reminiscences which have become an important archive of the folks who live in North East corner of Scotland. More recently with the launch of Doric TV, Jill has added to this content with some amazing interviews, many still come from the ordinary people who have always been at the centre of her work, but professionals and academics have been willing to support Jill's work by giving their own interviews and adding to the breadth of content available to Doric TV viewers.

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Walking / Wellbeing

Jill has always found peace and comfort from walking in the countryside, her original archives feature lots of content dating back nearly 20 years which portrays her love of nature and the wellbeing which can be derived from embracing all that nature has to offer. In the Coronavirus Lock Down of 2020Jill found so much more than could ever have imagined, right on her very own doorstep.

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This is the newest section to the Doric TV listings, we're hoping to add lots of content to these pages when we get to start travelling again, in the meanwhile you check out our early episodes right here, right now.

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Jill's Lockdown Videos

ill’s lockdown video collection cover so much of what’s best about accessing the ‘great out doors’ of Scotland. Jill not only promotes the joy of walking through the wide-open areas on her own doorstep, but she also highlights the rich heritage, diverse natural landscape and preservation of the Doric culture, as well as the benefit to mental health and well-being.