As a bairn growing up in Peterheid, I didna realise that ivryday I was making and gaithering memories that wid come back to serve me well in the years aheid.

My folk worked in the fishing yards with my father being a cooper and mother working at the gutting. My three aulder brithers went to the fishing so I had a relatively carefree upbringing.  Fae playing in the fishyards and round about the harbour to taking part in fitba matches with my pals doon the Gadle Braes and Ugie Park. And fan the weather wisna good I wid spend my time reading books and making models of boats and aircraft. I didna need onything else to keep me occupied for hours on end.

Aifter leaving the North School and serving my time at the Cleveland Twist Drill factory in the town, I was lucky to find that the oil industry was sweeping into Peterheid and with it a whole host of new and exciting opportunities.  In a largely unbroken period fae the early 70’s until I retired in 2019, I worked in various roles in the oil industry baith onshore and offshore.

As someone fa aiways enjoyed artistic and creative hobbies, the memories of growing up in Peterheid coupled with the experiences I was living during my time at the oil were just waiting there for me to record in some format or anither.

Growing up in Peterheid we spoke the Doric everyday and so it was only natural that I had to write in the language as well.  I used to write poems and wee stories at nicht while I was in my bunk out on the platforms in the North Sea.  Three books of poems saw the licht of day fae this period.  I’ve aeways loved music and fan some of the poems sounded better with a tune to keep them warm, I began writing and performing songs at local venues.

As technology advanced I became interested in computers and photography. I started to mak videos of local scenes and my family growing up. On some videos I wid put a soundtrack of my poems or songs. Nowadays I tak great pleasure in flying my wee drone round about the area. We have sic a beautiful part of the word to live in and it’s great to see it fae different perspectives.

For the past thirty years I have lived in the little village of St. Combs and still get oot and aboot deeing things as much as possible.

Thanks very much to Jill at Doric Future for giving me the opportunity to showcase the poems, songs and videos that have become my soundtrack over the years.

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