At present, Jill McWilliam, presently of Cruden Bay, has nurtured and created Dorictv which she runs from her studio in the village. It’s in its infancy, but already she has interviewed many local celebrities and was able to provide an hour long interview with Dame Evelyn Glennie, the world renowned percussionist, and a farmer’s daughter from Methlick, as is Jill, brought up in a farm near Cruden Bay. From once ‘a quine fae Slains’ she is now captivating many with her Dorictv interviews which are both intimate and refreshing. I, for one, a resident of Edinburgh, though brought up in Cruden Bay, became fascinated with her broadcasts and scope of the scenery around and beyond the village, hence my association with Jill in helping in a beneficial way with my journalistic experience and knowledge of the local people, many of which have sadly passed away. Giving away my time is of no concern, as my wish is for Jill’s venture into the jungle of the media be successful and fulfill her dreams of keeping the language of Doric alive for future generations to reflect upon and realise the depth and poetic style of Doric. It is no coincidence that our bard, Robbie Burns was the son of a Kincardinshire farmer, as his lyrics pronounce.

Anyway, to be bold, Jill has received notice that she has been nominated for the Social Impact category  of the Business Women Scotland 2020 awards, which hopefully will create for her a refreshing taste of comfort to realise her work has been noticed by many, and by her peers.

All I can say that Jill has the skill and natural ability to free those she interviews with no prejudice and with such heart that the viewer is entered into a world defined by the nature of innocence and belief in the Doric way of life.

And in true Doric fashion ‘may Jill’s service fir Dorictv be as a lamp shining fae afar an’ lichten up the waters o’ the Dee an’ Don’ an a about the Shire’.

Ewan Carmichael – Edinburgh

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