I have taken an interest in ‘why doric matters‘ after seeing some very interesting videos from Jill. The new information I have gained about places of interest that are local to me has defiantly been insightful. The effort and enthusiasm I see from Jill also makes me keen to spread the word and I believe in the importance of documenting these things for future generations . It would be sad if future generations don’t get the questions they may want answered due to lack of documentation.

I want to include a small note of my appreciation –

It’s important that we remember the way we spik…
and Jill will remind us with remembering the Doric
Taking notes and filming stuff that she makes feel like fun…
For us to show generations after our daughter or son.
From Slains Castle and places around Erroll and Cruden Bay…
Check out the sites and all they have to say.
Proud of her roots and into its history she will look …
then post it on YouTube or on to Facebook.
So let’s all play our part show appreciation, support and share …
Because if it wasn’t for Jill, half this information wouldn’t be there ,
keep up the good work as it will one day become priceless.

James Craig Ross , tradesperson , Peterhead

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