5th November 2022

I was delighted to interview a fellow Doric Film Maker called Jericho Reid from Aberdeen.
We have two things in common – we both entered the Doric Film Festival – at different levels and both see the need for collaboration to ensure there is a supportive community for budding film makers in Aberdeenshire to progress in their field .


In the North East, we’re fortunate to have such a strong identity and a clear culture, but planting a creative seed in a bed of granite can be an intimidating prospect. Particularly with a pursuit like filmmaking where collaboration is vital, we might not have the readily available network which you can find elsewhere so we need to make a conscious effort to create that supportive community and ensure that future generations of young filmmakers have the platform to find their voices and share their stories.

Jericho Reid

To watch the video, click the play button on the section below.

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