9th February 2021

Bill Buchan, St. Combs – Doric singer, songwriter, poet, videographer and film maker.

An exclusive to Doric TV, Bill gives an insight into his poems and songs over the years. From the inspiration of his home fishing town of Peterhead and local poet Peter Buchan. From Bill’s own words – “Sometimes we’re too busy looking for something that we canna see it richt in front o’ us.

My early attempts at writing and sangs were’na really as good as I wid hiv liked. However, when I picked up a book of poems and stories by the great “Fisherman Poet” Peter Buchan, it became clear I was writing in the wrang language. We were taught English in school but spoke the Doric aawye else so fit wye were we nae writing wi the same wirds that we spoke. Peter showed how the Doric could be used ti mak beautiful stories oot o’ the maist common scenarios.

Aifter reading that book I started writing my poems, stories and sangs in the Doric. The words seem to fa onto the page o’ their ain biding. The Doric words could describe contemporary situations just as weel as the historic accounts o’ the Bothy Ballads. Peter Buchan was certainly een o’ my main inspirations and he showed ti me that we should be proud o’ the wye we spik in the North east. Keep the Doric going for the next generation ti put their flavour on it”. Bill Buchan

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