Featuring – Dame Evelyn Glennie, Cummine Fraser and Jill McWiiliam. Evelyn Glennie and Jill of Doric TV – send out a request for Doric Speakers to send in a short video of their favourite Doric Expression / story and the period of time recollected to [email protected].

Brian Innes, North Carolina, USA

Well done to Brian – who sent a lovely wee video for the Evelyn Glennie / Doric TV video challenge, especially as it’s come all the way from the USA ! Which shows how wide spread the Doric is spoken. Brian’s response to winning the competion –
’Thanks verra much for yer nice remarks aboot the video . I did hae fun makkin it. On tap o’ that tae hae won the prize spurtle made me ging weak at the knees! (A’ feelin gid oot o’ my queets !),I hid tae hae a sit doon jist tae get oor ‘t.

Aboot brose .. I mak my best attempt at neep brose aboot ilkae month.. bit there is a problem … canna find a richt park -grown Suede neep onywaey . The nearest here is a ‘Rutabaker’… now that disna jist soon the same … ‘Rutabaker Brose ‘,
I contributed tae a fund raiser recipe book a lang time ago . Maist recipes were for funcie French or German Entrees.., my een wis for neep brose. I remember bein affa strict aboot usin the hunnel o’ the same speen tae steer as ye use tae ate the brose .
I bide in the tap richt corner o’ North Carolina… a richt bonnie place . Efter bein a teacher in Inverurie then Chesapeake , I noo big an’ sell hooses an ‘ develop grun .
I ging tae the Scottish Highland Gathering at Grandfather Mountain , also in North Carolina, the biggest Heelin Games in America. This past een, I went roon the Clan Tents … aboot thirty o’ them… the only een far I wisna offered a dram wis the Innes Clan! Tells ye foo ticht the Inneses are !.
Again , my mony thanks! I feel affa humble ! Brian Innes.’

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