29th October 2021

Bill Buchan – St.Combs, Aberdeen shire – Doric/ Buchan Singer/Song Writer & Poet. Bill interviewed by Jill of Doric TV speaks of his upbringing in Peterhead. From a fishing background – his father being a cooper and his mother a fish gutting quine. Bill has vivid memories of the thriving fishing industry in Peterhead and has captured the stories in song and poetry.

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” The wye we spik (way we speak) in the North East has long been oppressed and considered vulgar (in schools etc) in favour of English. Even when discussing the Scots language, Doric has sometimes struggled to find it’s due place in the discussion.  However, anyone who knows or has taken the time to find out about Doric will find that it is anything but vulgar and uncouth.  It is the rich tapestry which binds together the history, culture, traditions and struggles of the Scottish North East over the centuries.

These last few years have seen an awakening in the use of Doric and the wider Scots language.  With new technology now available to everyone it would have been easy for the Doric to drown in the waves of voices and languages from all over the world of the world wide web.  But in reality the opposite has happened.  Jill McWilliam via DoricFuture and others like her, have used this new fangled technology to bring Doric to the masses. She has uncovered a treasure trove of people and stories from the area who use Doric on a daily basis and don’t consider it to be anything other than “the wye we spik”.  There is a growing hunger to learn more about the people and culture of the North East and this comes nicely wrapped in the rich words of Doric.  Jill has done a fantastic job so far and I’m sure she has further to go to.

Haud ‘er gyan, Jill. Haud ‘er gyan”

All the best, Bill

Jill – Portrays her love for the Doric language & Culture – Its’s ‘Far We aa Bide

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