At the start of the year, I was one of two students from RGU taken on by Jill to undertake a 4-week placement. At the time, I was working towards achieving my MSc in Journalism and so the opportunity to undertake a placement was very exciting to me. Being able to work at Doric TV alongside Jill, who is doing some absolutely incredible work in showcasing the very best of the North East, was not only an amazing experience, but something I really enjoyed as well. Jill pushed me to step out of my comfort zone and take on new challenges, like being in front of the camera. Not only that, but I was also able to get a few articles published in papers across the North East, which as a journalism student was a huge achievement for me (yes I did keep these).
I enjoyed my time at Doric TV so much I decided to stay on after my placement ended. However, I took on more of a background role, not doing quite as much as I had previously done. The main reason behind this was that I spent just about the entire summer working on my dissertation, which I finished and handed in last month. As well as that, I had also begun the hunt for a full-time job, which I’m now pleased to announce I’ve found and start this month.
Now 6 months and one new job later, I’m not quite yet ready to leave Doric TV altogether, however with starting a new job soon I’m not sure just how much time I will have to spare! I’m a keen walker so I plan to keep on sharing images of the walks I go on! A couple of months ago I shared details of a walk I did around the Balmoral Estate which helped inspire others to tackle the route as well which was brilliant!
I have such a good relationship with Jill and can see the hard work she is doing to help our wee corner of Scotland reach those at the other side of the world. She has so much planned for the channel in the coming months such as interviews, walks, and even a video of her trip to Shetland. So, stay tuned and keep on showing Jill support!!