5th August 2021

Doric TV are pleased to share their submission for the Doric Film Festival, which was 1 of 12 short films showcased in this year’s event. A collaboration between Jill McWilliam, Gordon Mackay, and Debbie Leslie created this poignant piece built on Jill’s Lock Down film series featured here on Doric TV throughout the Lock Down of 2020.

Jill’s story is put to words by Doric writer and poet Debbie and presented in this short film which was edited and produced by Gordon. The film also features the beautiful musical accompaniment ‘Soliloquy’ which was composed by Ewan Mackay and performed by Gillian Hunter.

The team are very pleased with the finished film and delighted to have it showcased by the 2021 Doric Film Festival


To watch the video, click the play button on the section below.

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