Doric TV continues to work with Cruden Bay Folk Club, both of our founders, Jill and Gordon, are also committee members of the Folk Club and following the success of their first-ever Virtual Club Night, we were happy to get involved with the event they held on Friday 28th May. We were happy to introduce 3 of our recent interviewees, James and Katie Barnett-Siggens a.k.a. Aye Tunes, Clarky Innes and Elphen. All 3 had songs included in the programme which also featured many of the club’s regulars,  a really talented bunch I’m sure you’ll agree.

The evening followed the same format as their actual club nights when before the Covid lockdown and ongoing constraints around performing indoors, they meet at the Kilmarnock Arms Hotel in Cruden Bay. The whole event has been made available to Doric TV viewers, which we very much hope you enjoy.

First half

Scott Thomson: 01:19
Marion McAulay: 09:40
Russell Taylor: 14:23
Christine Cruickshank: 21:45
Andy Clucas: 28:24
Charlotte and Fergus: 34:20
Gordon Mackay: 37:10
Emma Forman: 40:27
Clarky Innes: 46:43

Second half

Phyllis Gentle: 00:00
Dave Cherry: 07:15
Tangus: 10:49
Gareth James: 16:10
Janet and Scarlet: 20:25
Ian McAulay: 28:46
Elphen: 34:32
Ailsa Dixon: 42:29
Aye Tunes: 47:34