18th May 2021

Doric TV – Music, Jill Speaks to Clark Innes, an accomplished musician with a Doric heart and a Reggae soul, Clark speaks to Jill about carving out a niche for himself and his band as Reggae artists since the late 1970’s, they have never been run of the mill, and have always been true to themselves.

Foe much more information about Clark and his band Albaroot, check out his blog page on our Doric Future pages click here

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Since hooking up with Clarky to record a Doric TV interview with him back in the 18th May, we’ve been busy helping him pull together his back catalogue of music and share it online through the Doric Future website. An Aberdeenshire loon with a strong Doric tongue, who as a teenager loved music but found his influences came from a little further West than the North East village of Rosehearty where he was born and brought up, aye 4,500 miles West in Jamacia!

Clarky’s passion has always been for Reggae music with his own unashamed accent singing out proudly in broad Doric! If you’d like to find out more about Clarky and his band Albaroot, we’ve built up some great content on this page, check it out, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Following on from this project Clarky recently visited Jill at her bothy in Cruden Bay where he recorded the following session exclusively for Doric TV viewers.

This is the second part of the session recorded at Jill’s Bothy on the 26th of June.

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