Doric TV, a project started by Jill McWilliam back in 2019 has brought together key figures within the Doric community with the goal of preserving and celebrating their culture.

Thursday, 6th May 2021, 12:00 am

The ‘Doric Team’ held their first meeting in April 2021 over Zoom, allowing many of the team members to get to know each other.

Despite difficulties in bringing people together during a national lockdown, there was a real sense of community and a shared excitement in the meeting.

The team consists of a wide variety of talents, all connected by a love for Doric culture.

The initial meeting sought to introduce members by asking the simple question; ‘what does Doric mean to you?’

Bea Jefferson, Foundation Scotland: “The language and voices of the north east are as much part of its special character as the landscape – and one to be valued and maintained.”David Duguid MP: “I’m ‘weel acquaint’ with the Doric. Whether ‘at hame or awa’ – I really enjoy hearing the classic Doric songs and poems I grew up with.”

Peter Chapman, Farmer and Champion o’ The Doric: “Every group of people right around the world value and celebrate their language. They will all say it is one of the things that makes them unique. Doric is no different. It defines us and it’s a vital part of our culture and heritage and our personality. It’s a living language which is tremendously descriptive.”

Les Cantlay, York: “l read somewhere that you retain that which you were brought up with as a very small child . I kin gang back tae the wye I yoosed tae spik at the drop of a hat, fin a ging back tae Aiberdeen , an am among folk fa are native Doric Spikkers , it’s like I hid niver gang awa. In a meenit it brings bak the feelin a fit like it wis tae be back in than days . Fin ye shut yer een , the Doric soond brings a picter to the bak o yer mind, the sichts and soonds o’yesteryear.”

Gordon Mackay, Doric TV: “Use it or loose it!”

David Wilkie, Jist a loon fae Aiberdeen: “I spik the wye I spik an’ I’m mair proud noo of oor heritage, language and using the Doric everyday.”

This first episode of the Doric Team can be viewed at videos from Jill’s extensive collection can be viewed in the Doric Future Website