29th April 2021

Part one of the Trybe, introducing Iain McFadden, with his story and a great insight to his bagpipe playing and the different parts of a kilt.   

Looking back in my library of footage – A session with The Trybe. I Have followed the Trybe over a number of years. This interview concentrates on Ian McFadden, who plays the Pipes. As well as a member of the Trybe, Ian plays for the Newtonhill Pipe band. His enthusiasm and knowledge of the pipes are an inspiration. Ian, originally from Ayrshire now lives in Stonehaven, speaks of his love of the Doric Language and People! He also presents a bit of his family history and his working career. The Trybe, a Scottish Pictish Band is a highly talented and ‘witty’ band, makes you proud to be Scottish! More from Angus McCurrach and Scott Baxter in the next few videos! Jill McWilliam – Presenter of Doric TV www.dorictv.co.uk

To watch the video, click the play button on the section below.

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