8th April 2021

The Doric Team – A Celebration of who/what we are in Aberdeenshire today . Proud of our Doric Language and Culture. We have gathered together some real Doric Celebrities who pass on Jist fit The Doric Means to them! Starring The kilted Chef – Craig Wilson , Doric Dad on Tik Talk – Paul Hourston , The Doric Min -Bundy Fae The Broch Alan Reid, Cabrach Radio Mannie – Mike Stuart , The Technical Mannie – Gordon MacKay , Dooty Aboot Doric – Debbie Leslie , Les Cantlay Fae York , Doric Illustrations – Karen Barrett Ayres , Champions O The Doric – Peter Chapman and Mark Findlater , Jist a loon fae Aberdein – David Wilkie , Doric Myths and Legends – Dawn Noble , The Stonehaven Mannie , Douglas Samways , Doric TV – Jill McWilliam , RGU – Ellie McDonald and Ewan Blacklaw , A’Thing Doric – Denis Shepherd , Doric Bob – Bob Knight , Bea Jefferson & David Duguid , and Doric Drone – James Duncan What A Line Up ! Enjoy The Doric Team !!!

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