Doric TV is proud of its strong connections with Cruden Bay Folk Club, both of our founders, Jill and Gordon, are also committee members of the Folk Club and were involved in the first Virtual Folk Club which was held on Friday the 26th March 2021 and brought over 50 people together for the live event. We are delighted to share with the Doric TV Community the video recordings of each and every performance on the night, we’re sure you’ll agree that there’s a lot of talent on show in this small coastal village in the North East of Scotland which we call home.

Kris Orskov – Beacon

Scott Thomson – Jennifer Juniper

Scott Thomson – Perfect Day

Andy Clucas – Ghosts by Lau

Andy Clucas – Time

Ian McAulay – Through the barricades

Ian McAulay – Kilermont Street

Christine Cruickshank – The Spinning Wheel

Christine Cruickshank – Those were the days

Dave Cherry – May you never

Emma Forman – Tell it to my heart

Emma Forman – Not Pretty Enough

Russell Taylor – I’ll lay ye doon love

Russell Taylor – Aint no grave

Shannon Stevenson – Fiddle set

Bonus Footage

Unfortunately, we had a problem playing Tangus’s tunes live on the night as the file was damaged during the transfer, we were however able to cobble something together after the event and felt this version deserved to be featured in the play list. Thanks also to Angus for his Drum Roll in the Raffle Trailer

Tangus – Tickle my heart / Sisters o Sisters

Raffle Time

Gareth James – Folk Set

Janet (and Scarlet) Sharp – Why walk when you can fly

Janet Sharp – Black Jack Davy

Scott Thomson – As the years pass by

Phyllis Gentle – Bonnie Wee Jeannie McCall

Phyllis Gentle – Green Grow the Rashes O

Brian McAulay – Candy

Brian and Gordon – Be your baby tonight

Gordon Mackay- Catch the wind

Brian McAulay – Candy

Brian and Gordon – Be your baby tonight

Gordon Mackay- Catch the wind

Bundy – The Doric Min

Bundy – Daughter o’ Broch

The Event Trailer