February 19th 2021

Jill talks to Dr. Tom McKean from the Elphinstone Institute, University of Aberdeen. Elphinstone was set up by the University in 1995 to make connections with the community and to research ,celebrate and promote the culture and traditions of North East Scotland. Jill not only runs Doric TV she also interviews members of the Community of the Buchan area to record their stories, their lives and their community . Tom explains the importance of projects like this, when people are recorded and valued for what they say and who they are . They also benefit from being part of a bigger picture . This is important for people’s self esteem to be valued and validated , it benefits mental, emotional and physical well being . Tom goes onto explain that when people are comfortable in themselves and their culture , language and beliefs and believe it is rich and of value, they are more willing to interact and encompass other cultures across the world . This is about how communities survive and as a species we thrive and get through our time on this planet . If we interact with others with confidence and assurance and a sense of joy and tragedy related to our various cultures and languages – It gives us access to the full range of human experience . As regards to the Doric language and culture of the North East of Scotland , past and present it is unique to the world. When we are grounded and rooted in something based on the past and in the present we can have confidence in who we are culturally and can be more confident to move throughout the world. Tom explains the process of archiving oral and social history video material in the University, so that it can be a resource for research and educational purposes . Participants of the Doric Future and Doric TV projects are enlightened as to where their interviews with their life stories, songs and music ,places where they live and work will be stored and retained for future generations to glean from ‘who we are today in this 21st century .

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