Cyril Craig on Charlottes Seat, situated at The Dandanells, a significant area of the village.

By reporter Jill McWilliam
Friday, 20th November 2020, 1:24 pm

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A Hatton couple have undertaken the restoration of a memorial seat in Cruden Bay.

Cyril and Kathleen Craig were recently in the village enjoying a walk.
On their way back to their car they visited the Tryggve Gran Memorial and nearby Memorial Seat to their old friend Charlotte Croxford, They had seen mention of the seat on the Facebook Cruden Bay Memories page.

The seat was looking in weathered condition, so Cyril decided to spring into action and carry out some much-needed renovation. He first telephoned Charlotte’s son Alan, now living in Inverness, to inform him of his plan and get approval for the works.

The memorials seat was provided by the Cruden Bay Community in 1982, the year after Charlotte’s untimely death in a road accident just three weeks short of her 50th birthday.
The Croxford Family had first come to Cruden Bay in 1963 when they purchased the shop in Station Road. Charlotte ran the shop and also joined several village clubs and organisations, such as the bowling club, whist club, hall committee and village gala to name a few. She helped out wherever possible and sold books in her shop to raise funds for these good causes. As well as her loss to the family, she was also a loss to the village.

Alan is grateful to Cruden Bay for providing the memorial seat 38 years ago.
Sincere thanks have been expressed to Cyril and Kathleen Craig for taking the time to carry out the renovation.

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