This news article highlights Jill’s selection as a finalist in the 2020 annual BWS Award Ceremony.

On the 6th November Jill McWilliam attended the Annual BWS Award Ceremony where she was proud to be one of the finalists in their Inspiring Women category in recognition of her work through Doric TV highlighting her success in overcoming her own mental health challenges during the Coronavirus lockdown.
In a very talented group of nominees Jill did not win the overall award on this occasion, she was overjoyed to be considered alongside such worthy contenders and she thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.
Jill wanted to thank you all for joining and being such an important part of the DTV community. 
As we fund Doric TV ourselves, it makes what we do seem so worth while knowing that you are behind us, and being nominated for this award proves there is a great interest in how we are presenting our culture here in the N.E. of Scotland locally and around the world.
The judges said they were all very impressed with Doric TV recognising it as a very unique venture.

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