I wis born and broucht up in Tornaveen in rural Aiberdeenshie, wi parents fae Buchan wi i doric aye being spoken and encourged tae use it. Nooadays I sing sangs that tell i stories o i North East and beyond in Doric and Scots, It a vital pairt o the culture and heritage o i north east and it’s vital that we aa dee wir bit tae mak sure that doric remains i first language o i North East o Scotland. It’s encouraging aat the university and a puckle fowk are trying tae  promote it noo raither than pit it doon.

Hopefully i days o fowk thinkin that doric spikkers were nae sae clivver as fowk att spoke in English are a thing o the past, bit we hiv a lang wye tae go tae get that tae be the case. It needs tae get mair promotion on TV, Radio, Newspapers an of coorse on aa i social media platforms, the mair it gets promoted i better. The stuff yer dein can only help,  mair power tae yer elbow Jill  haud er gyan.

Allan Taylor, Alford

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