22nd July 2020

David Wilkie who now lives in the Phillippines talks of his boyhood in Aberdein where he lived right in the heart of the city, a stones throw from the bustling fish markets and the ship building yards upon which Aberdeens fortunes were initially founded. David also shares some of his Doric poetry with Doric TV. 

Doric –  past , present and future

Lookin back is I an nae doot ithers di, ere’s been mony changes o’er the years, especially so gi’en the resurgence o the Mither Tongue, n mony fowk o is generation his stepped up is it were. At’s affa encouragin, kennin it thrives the day n will di in the future. I’ve often tried to find the ‘definitive’ Doric dictionary is it were, if it exists I’d fair use it.
Whither fowk wis brocht up in the toon or roon aboot, a’body his their ane wye o spikkin, aye n different wurds the na. The past tho huds for ma’sel different meanin, memories o the street in Aiberdeen far I grew up, tho I hasten ti add, is wi mony awa hine back it wis a hard life.
The Doric especially it skool only hid its place in the playground, nae in the classroom is we were often telt “speak English”. I min’ eence skivin fae skool, n ha’en ti tell the heid maister why I wis absent. The ubiquitous note fae my Ma, bit my untie wrote it, then afore the heid maister, I kin tell ye whither it wis Doric, English or fit ivver, six o the scud fair dirled n I wid spik English seen enough.

Ony wye a is years ahin ma’sel, I’ve travelled fae Texas ti the Philippines n mony places in atween, times my accent hid fowk winderin far I came fae. Times here seeing a’body apart fae een is English or American, times I like to wind em up, n jist spik awa in the Doric. The look on their faces spiks volumes, bit I think it’s affa important to use oor ane dialect, gi’en my step Ma n Da were hard working fowk, at’s a they wid spik. Aul sayings like “ if ye fa n brak yer leg, dinna come rinnin ti me” spring’s ti mind.
Even the bobby on the beat if he seen ye up ti mischief he’d tell ye “ I’ll gi’e yer lug a scud or clout”. Believe me ye did nae wint yer Da kennin at, lest he’d scud yer lug.

Past, present or future it’s fit defines us, fae the north east, it’s fa wi are n the day or the morn the future fir is lang is I’m kickin aboot I’ll spik my mither tongue. In closing n I ken is his bin ma’sel claikin awa. My twa daughters noo growin up wid spik quite posh is it were, even ma auler grandson is weel. I laff sometimes n jist spik awa the wye I di.

Tae is generation it’s amazin yer takkin the Doric forrit, an at’s the wye it should be, maybe there needs to be a telly series based in the north east. Aifter a, if Hollywood kin film block busters in an aroon Scotland, maybe it’s time for a Doric movie, showcasing the plethora o talent wi hiv ti offer. I’m free is a background extra, min n gie’s a shout aye( I hiv experience) Aifter a, it’s oor heritage an future an deserves much mair recognition.  

Fae ma’sel
Jist a loon fae Aiberdeen

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Following David’s interview with Jill for Doric TV he was inspired to pen this quick verse about our presenter, ‘A quine fae Cruden Bay’, he subsequently produced the additional pieces which have been used elsewhere on this website and shared across our social media platforms.


An ode ti Doric TV
By ma’sel

 Ere’s nae a doot it’s noo weel kent
o’er the world n mair,
Reaching oot to mony folk
an o the Doric ti share

Gaun is far ti offer much
an ti touch the hairt,
Thoosans o miles, gi’en the smiles
as upon sic an incredible journey oor Jill did stairt

Jist ti offer in is different days
a thocht n wurd is kind,
An ti let a’body ken
ye will nae be left behind

Oor Jill, hails fae Cruden Bay
n born is a fairmin quine,
Gings is far, n further yet
Wi her hairt is true n kind

Offering much fae ither fowk
n wakkin mony a mile,
Gi’en fae her hairt n soul
n aye wis wi a smile

The community is near n far
why, even weel kint doon under,
Recognised, it’s nae a surprise
o her days it’s sae a wonder

It’s fit she dis, it fa she is
it’s jist her bein hersel,
N kindness an a haun ti gi’e
aye n mony a story ti tell

Sae here’s ti Jill o Doric TV
may it gaun even further yet,
Perhaps ti infinity n far aheid
o that we kin nae forget

It’s little things, fair mak’s the hairt sing
even if yer far away,
Aye oor quine fae Cruden Bay, Ye ken fa ye are

Sae here’s ti days jist waitin ere, n is ye share sae often,
an a difference ti mony fowk, wi yer thochts n wurds ti soften

Moments perhaps, n maybe we ha’e a wee lapse, yet seen enough fair going, further yet, as we hiv met,
Aye Jill fae Doric TV, nae body will e’er forget…..

It’s great how Doric TV is gathering folk fae a oor the world! That’s fit we aim tae continue to do.

Looking back as a poet and author.

This month September sees me celebrating 32 years in my craft as a poet and author.
I began writing In 1988 after a humerus experience at a colleagues funeral, from that moment to this the need to write has grown exponentially. It’s quite inexplicable, I must let the wurds go, days I’ll write lots o poetry or create wee videos to offer more depth thru music, wurds and images. I’ll use an app to animate foties or use scenes.

Regarding the Doric, I have been writing off and on in ma mither tung for some years now, as it’s part of who I am, I enjoy weaving words together as I recall my days and life growing up in Aberdeen. So many changes I’ve witnessed and that’s why I’ll often pen words of what I saw, the industries gone, yet the heart o the toon still sparkles o the granite. ‘Ere’s nithin like the Doric, ma mither tung, even tho I’m for the present far awa I spik it every day. It’s wha I am, jist a loon fae Aiberdeen.
My work is published within 59 anthologies national and international and my own collection of 50 poems was published in USA in 2006. Though I’ve taken a step from the page, by creating spoken pieces and combining various mediums to offer more depth and meaning. Using video to tell the story, elicit a response, tease a tear or ensure a smile, that’s the storyteller at his best. Emotion, passion exudes as who I am. I hiv created wee videos in the Doric, affa basic n jist recorded on ma I pad, nithin funcie tho.

So here’s looking forward to this next year which I hope offers myself more opportunities to be just who I am. Oh I’m currently in the Philippines. It’s a lang story but I’ll nae bore ye wi it.

I truly appreciate this and gi’e ye ma thanks, bide safe you n yours aye.

Fae ma’sel
David Wilkie
Jist a loon fae Aiberdeen
Now in The Philippines.

With the help of Dave Wilkie, Jist a loon fae Aberdein – who put this short video together , Doric TV have been proud to gather up these Doric Folk who are part of the Doric TV Community .

To express our  passion for the Doric Language , we have all written a short quote on ‘ Jist fit the Doric means to us’.

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