A woman is calling for the north-east’s dialect to be better represented on screen through the launch of a new website.

Jill McWilliam, from Cruden Bay, has started a new online video project in an effort for Doric “to be seen and heard” better.

Doric TV was launched on Waves Radio on August 2 and its aim is to “capture the unique talents of Aberdeenshire folk and present a new perspective on our Doric culture and language today.”

Ms McWilliam’s originally did video diaries during lockdown, which she is now using as a “springboard” for her new venture.

She said: “When you see how well Gaelic is represented on TV, we don’t really have that with Doric.

“I’ve put a lot of time and energy into this venture. This is like a full time job but I’m not doing this for financial gain, it’s about getting the Doric culture and background recognised.

“We have technology now that in 100 or 1000 years plus we will be seen and heard.
In the future, we will be history, video archives of ordinary people and their lives are as precious as the scholars written word.”

Although Doric TV is still in its early stages, Ms McWilliam hopes the content produced will be a useful resource in years to come, adding: “I hope that in the future as my library of videos grow they will be available to schools, universities and libraries as a resource.”

Ms McWilliam has already interviewed Scottish stars for Doric TV including Dame Evelyn Glennie and The Trybe, a Scottish Pictish Band from Aberdeenshire.

She is now looking for more people to come forward to be part of her videos. She said: “If you’d like to speak to people with unique talent, or who have made a special contribution to society.

“You don’t have to be a native Doric speaker, just a resident in Aberdeenshire.”

The Doric TV videos are free to access online at www.dorictv.co.uk

Those interested in taking part should contact [email protected].

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