Does anyone remember my Father Bob Watt . Over many years he published Doric Poetry in the Press and Journal and a couple of books , The Ghillie Loon and the Mannie’s Hat . Dad also had a regular spot on Radio Aberdeen and Radio Scotland called “In the country” He was a great champion of the Doric having been brought up in Insch then spent a lot of his working life around the fish markets of the North East . Our Family come from Tough in the Vale of Alford where he is buried in the parish churchyard alongside generations of our Family going back hundreds of years.

My Great Uncle Willie Watt Sgt Major Gordon Highlanders is one the war memorial having lost his life in the First World War . Great Uncle Willie won the Military Medal for bravery and whilst not in the same league I also have some tin to pin to my chest. My Job took me to Afghanistan for an extended period where I was able to form a bond with some of the tribesmen along the border regions. I am able to speak a few languages but I was able to teach the headman in one place some Doric. As I arrived he would greet me with “aye aye min foo ye daen” I would say “Nae bad foo’s yersel” and over the three years his repetoiure of Doric increased.

I travelled extensively through the Sahara in an earlier time and again one of the nomad headsman would greet me with a few doric phrases . At one time I took a well know TV presenter through the Sahara and he and the crew were amazed when they heard what they believed too be an unknown Tongue .

Doric gets far and wide . My dad’s younger brother Iain Watt spent a few years in Antarctica as a plumber at the Australian research station and despite Iain having been in Australia since the 1960’s he retains a good Doric tongue.Doric at the bottom of the world.  Iain and I are in close contact . He was a plumber at the Prison in Peterhead before going to Australia .

Anyone remember him?


Rob Watt


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