Jill McWilliam wants to keep Doric alive.. Copyright: Steve Cramphorn

A FILMMAKER from Aberdeenshire has found a new international audience for her videos about the Buchan coastline during lockdown.

Jill McWilliam, who runs the Doric Future website, began recording the videos to reflect on her own life and the lives of her neighbours.

Her videos capture the natural beauty of the landscape and also the history and heritage of Doric culture in the area.

She is also drawing on the area’s links to novelist Bram Stoker, who wrote Dracula.

Now, her work has found a new legion of fans online, with audiences contacting her from as far afield as the United States.

McWilliam said: “I am a country person, promoting the ordinary folk of the north east of Scotland, our rich Doric and Buchan culture as it stands today, flicking back into the past to see what makes us ‘tick’.

“Like any culture, with the fast pace of life it will disappear if not documented.”

Her videos are also being used on the Visit Aberdeen tourism website.

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