Jill McWilliam wants to keep Doric alive.. Copyright: Steve Cramphorn

When Jill McWilliam’s life “slowed to a canny pace” with the onset of lockdown, she decided to share the natural wonders of the north-east coast with the world.

The videographer, who lives in Cruden Bay and runs the Doric Future website, took the opportunity to document the sights available from her doorstep for posterity.

The 60-year-old has since been astounded by the popularity of the peaceful snapshots of her life, with positive comments coming from viewers from as far away as America.

Images commonplace to people in her Port Erroll locale, such as a nest belonging to an oyster catcher, swathes of coastal wildflowers or “tadpoles in their hundreds” feature in the project.

Ms McWilliam believes slices of life on the coast can prove relaxing for people with little access to the outdoors during the fight against coronavirus.

She said: “At this difficult time for many, emotions are running very high.

“I have utilised this lockdown period to produce some of my best video work to date, which has greatly aided my wellbeing.

“I have found, with fewer distractions, nature and wildlife have become more evident and powerful than ever before.”

She added: “We have these beautiful wide open spaces here in the north-east that do have a therapeutic value.

“People that have been watching from America and Canada would give their bottom dollar to be where we are in bonnie Scotland.

“I understand not everyone will have a coastline on their doorstep but my point is that anyone can take a walk outside or go into their garden to watch the flowers grow or just to get out for some fresh air.”

The Doric Future website, described as “a community-based service committed to capturing, sharing and archiving the rich Doric heritage of the north-east”, was set up last October and has various sections and features.

Ms McWilliam believes that lockdown can be used as a time to “preserve the past and inform the future before it’s too late and lost forever”.

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