I then went on to help youngsters with their creative skills and led a project with pupils of Peterhead Academy to produce their own film of Peterhead, called “My Town”. The following is an article Published by Stewart Stevenson MSP in the Buchan Observer on 6 March 2007 concerning this project.

Students showcase their town on new Peterhead DVD – Buchan Observer
ENTERPRISING pupils at Peterhead Academy have come up with their own way of showcasing what Peterhead has to offer, by producing a film about the town.
Around 14 students from the school’s Pupil Development Base had been working on the film entitled ‘Peterhead – My Town’ since the summer of last year, the premiere of which was shown to an invited audience at Peterhead’s Community Centre last week.
Pupils from schools in Florence, Italy, and Peterhead’s twin town, Alesund, of Norway, were joined in the audience by local councillors and Banff and Buchan MSP Stewart Stevenson, who was in high praise of the pupils’ achievements.
“This was an excellent film which was very positive and upbeat about the town. It was thoroughly professional and I congratulate all the pupils and staff who were involved in its production,” said Mr Stevenson.
“I would very much hope that it can be used to promote Peterhead to potential visitors such is the high quality of this DVD,” he added.
The first two copies of the DVD were handed over to the headteachers of the two schools, who had brought over their own films showing a little about their towns, which were shown to reinforce the links between the three towns.
The film shows pupils interviewing staff at businesses throughout the town, visiting Asco, Score, Peterhead Port Authority, the Palace Hotel and the Waterside Inn among others.
Views on the town were also expressed by the likes of Buchan Area Manager Chris White and Peterhead FC chairman Rodger Morrison.
Peterhead Town Co-ordinator Arthur Gill, who also makes an appearance in the film, told the Buchanie: “I thought it was really good, and it shows the fact that these youngsters are proud of their town.
“Many people just associate Peterhead with the fishing industry, however the film shows the town in a different light and shows that it really does have a lot more to offer.”
Leisure facilities in the town were highlighted by the enthusiastic youngsters, as was the unique Buchan accent which helps to bring together the community spirit of Peterhead.
The film touches on the past by looking through old photographs to show how the past has influenced the present, and the production comes together by well-wishers of Peterhead summing up their thoughts of the town.
Pupils wanted to find out who and what makes Peterhead a great town, while being able to see for themselves some of the various careers which will be open to them later on in life within the town.
Classroom assistant of the pupil development base Jill McWilliam helped to make the movie by doing the filming, while Alan Strachan of the Youth Strategy team edited the footage. Copies will be available for sale in the near future.
Susan Alley, headteacher at the academy, said: “This is an excellent piece of work.
“The pupils have worked together and through producing this film, have developed their communication skills, enhanced their self confidence and shown themselves to be responsible citizens of Peterhead.
“The academy is very proud of their achievement and as a result, have nominated the pupils for a Scottish Educational Award.”
Deputy headteacher Michael Doig added: “A tremendous amount of work has been put in by students and staff at the school in the making of this film, which they should be congratulated for.”