Here’s 3 tracks from my soon to be released album ‘Vackomaggi’

‘Alone Together’ and ‘We Want More’ are at opposite ends of despair with one saying that nothing can save us now so fit will ye dee? and the other end of the spectrum with We Want More’!

Seems to be the way I write, black or white, Im nae questioning it, it’s just the way it is!

The two bananas started out as a thing after Marta and I were married, we spent so much time together and worked together at some points too.

I mentioned that we were like two bananas in a basket, she said good name for a song, etc.

I sang the chorus in my head for many months but couldn’t find a decent melody for the verses. I was booked into the studio to do the vocals and still had nothing, then a couple of hours before going on I sat down with pencil and paper and the rest came flowing out of the universe onto the sheet, rehearsed it for about 10 mins and then recorded it.

Things work that way sometimes when you give up being precious about lyrics. It’s not Eleanor Rigby but, people love to sing along to it when they’ve had a drink.