Naturally (Nature’s Fire ©C.Innes 1998)

A wee bit of background to the song ‘Naturally’ featured on this album is that whilst we were on tour doon in England in the mid 90s (last century)! Our roadie was a right folkie and he introduced me to the songs of Robert Burns which I took to right awa, and I still think his songs sound best when sung in Doric! The line ‘gie ma a spark o’ nature’s fire’ is from his work ‘Nature’s fire’ which is what we called the album it was included on.

The actual song lyrically was inspired by a news bulletin I watched when Ronnie Reagan and other world leaders were filmed running out of their hotel and into the street during an earthquake in Japan. ‘Ah’ I thocht, ye think yer in charge, but your nae really Mr president, nature is. The words and chords all came together at one time and the song was recorded pretty soon aifter.

Clark Innes – Rhythm guitar, vocals, acoustic guitar, melodica, organ
Jim Stewart – Bass, lead guitar
Alison Bradstreet Burns – Harmony vox
Norrie Wilson – Percussion
Dan Foster – Lead and pick guitars
Phil Rozier – Trumpet
Marc Whittaker – trombone, clavi, keyboards
Franco Valentino – Percussion and vibes