The intended name of this CD was ‘Pass Ower the Bucky’, however I left Rej (my good friend and died in the wool Englishman) in charge of printing the CD cover etc. and ‘Pass Ower the Bucky’ became ‘Pass Owa’ the Bucky’ as this was how he heard it, by the time I noticed, it was too late to change it, used to bug me silly but I look back and laugh at it now.

The single came in a green plastic case and looked just like the bottle, at the time I never drank alcohol but the backing singers used to have a wee drink from a half bottle of Bucky before we went on stage. One day I asked for a sip as they said it was a bit like Port and good for the voice and it certainly was that night, I have had my own bottle with me ever since, and in some tours, our daily quest was to trawl all the local shops until we found some; it soon became an established part of our rider!

Clark Innes – Rhythm guitar, vocals, acoustic guitar, melodica, organ
Jim Stewart – Bass, lead guitar
Alison Bradstreet Burns – Harmony vox
Norrie Wilson – Percussion
Dan Foster – Lead and pick guitars
Phil Rozier – Trumpet
Marc Whittaker – trombone, clavi, keyboards
Franco Valentino – Percussion and vibes