On the third of June 1995 a baby boy was born fifteen weeks prematurely. He weighed only one pound thirteen ounces, and for many ‘months his mother and father Alison and Gordon Mackay and his two brothers Allan(14) and Greig(12) lived with uncertainty of whether their tiny baby would survive. It was particularly stressful during the first few days when the baby encountered such difficulties that the family were told that his chances of survival were very remote and that should he survive his chances of recovering from a severe brain haemorrhage undamaged were equally slim. He was given the name Ewan and as the weeks and months passed and his condition steadily improved he became the catalyst of a fund raising campaign fronted by his: mum and dad. The profits from the first book published by “Kenung” earlier this year “Mi Doric Loon” were donated to The Ewan Mackay Special Nursery Appeal and went a long way toward the eventual total of £12,500. At the time of writing this in December 1996 Ewan is now eighteen months old and is everything a little boy should be, having fully recovered from his many early problems, he is testimony of how the ‘most unbelievable odds can be beaten with expert care, the love and devotion of friends and family and the unparalleled strength and staying power of the tiniest of babies. Ewan continues to enrich others’ lives. as he proves to be an inspiration to everyone who knows him .

This book is dedicated to Ewan Mackay and should be regarded as an accolade to the great battle a tiny soul had to fight to secure the gift of life.



Fitten like i dey? Mi bonnie loon, Nae bad ava, Granda,Foos yersel?

Ey sair banes an swalled qweets, bit fan yer huddin on fur ninitee aswarn wi canna grummil.

Ah hud ma thochtie aince ye hud guan awa i streen, ses Granda, gin ye gang ablo ibeddie an fess oot mi wee sillar kistie, ah hiv a wee buikie at wud edicat ye en i weys o i warld.

Noo, methocht, es ell be ae buik aboot i berds an i bees, bit na na, ah wus vrang,es wus summat a igidder diffrent.

Noo mi loon, ses Granda,wi i comin o es nyew fangled iren horsie, yon enfernal contrapshun,  fut ey ca ae tracter, er seen winna be ae singel horsie tae tal i tell an ats fut wey am guan tae mak ye mowse tae i weys an wunts o i Buchan Ploomen, cus gin ah dinna, wir antient histry wull be tint fur a tyme. Aswarn ah wud hae bin ane o i himmest chiels leevin i dey, fa wud hae attenit i Nib o Mormun, en i eer nineteen hunner sax an therty at wus i verra same eer fan ye waur borne, an at wus i himmest tyme fan a i Buchan Ploomen gidderd igidder fur an annintin, mae doots ye wull hae hard o ae gweed annintin, weel mi loon, ats far at cam fae, an ye ell finde hullocks mair seyins en ilkadey eese ,fat cam fae i buikie at ah noo gie tae ye, an gin ye tak heed o i buikie, ye wull nae only larn gweed puckles aboot shenanagins o i ploomin, bit idder winnerfu weys o i warld,i weyso i Greeks, i Romans, an wir antient fowk fa hae gaen afore wis. Gin ye larn et weel, ye ell aiblins finde oot fit wey i munth o Septimmer, fut ment i siventh munth, es noo i ninth, ah ken, bit ah ell waager ye dinna. Aye mi loon, gin ye read es buikie, et wull gie ye a wunnerfu sicht o antient mystries, an fa kens, yer skweelin micht be a i better furt. Ah wus annintid misel en auchteen hunner an ninety twa, an min, dyods sake,  Almichtybe here, wud ah iver furget et, ah wus fare fleggit oot o mi netral, ah fairley thocht ah wus guan tae be meetin ma Maaker up en yon Hallie Hoose, man ah did a bit drate masel, aye, mi loon, yon wus summat idder a igidder. Sae jist ye tak i buikie an hae ae keekie throwt, am sartin at ye wull nae be dispinted, an syne fan ye hae gean throwt, ah wull lit ye ken onyat ye dinna unnerstan. Weel,weel,gin Granda wis sae sair fleggit wi i buikie, ah ell jist hae tae finde oot a aboot et, an sae et wus at a spint i neist munth, stoodyin ilka detaal o “YE ANTIENT RITYAL O YE BUCHAN PLOOMIN” (encorprated wi YE ANTIENT HORSEMEN 1866), ets nae ae lang buikie, bit ets i furst Doric buik a wus iver tae read, an a fan ah wus deen, ah laucht an laucht fur deys ahent et, mair an ony buik en English at ah hae iver read syne et. sae jist ye tak yere tyme, ye read et tee, an am sartin ye wull not be dispinted. Finde oot fut i mames an seyins ir a aboot, wyse thochts fae lang syne, larn yersel aboot i Siven Ages o Man, i Tree Ages o Yowth, :-antient mystries aboot i heich jinks o i ploomin an a er shenanagans, ye tae wull hae ae gweed lauch,an aiblins ye wull tak I Doric mair tae yer hert, be prood o yer heritage, an mine, wir a Jock Tamson’s bairns,ae hellava chiel ha maun hae bin.

Nae mair o i Buchan Ploomen ir noo tae I fore, sae am sartin, at ey, jist likken mi ain Granda, Aul Funny Mull, wull be sikken tae prisert i aul weys an wunts o ae byegone age.

Ye aul hurdy gurdy, wis withoot ony doot, i maist pleyed musicul instrimint o I Buchan Ploomin, aften caed “Aul Nick’s Birlin Boxie” (Illustrated by J.Milne e skellymarno, 1866)


Fur be et weel kent tae a an sunry at ae chiel, fas heen gweed fortin, sair chauvin an muckle guile, attenet i tree ages o yowth, bein ein an twinty yer aul on es Septimmer Nicht, is noo tae be teen an annintid enti i Siven Ages o Man, Siven Tymes Siven, be Nine an Forty, tae mak ye Siventy. Ilka chiel wull hae serred hes tyme an vrocht siven eer, as orra, goad ir ploo loon.

Bi i licht o ae ful hairst meen, wull I chiel tirred tae i weist, clorted wi dubbin, mere’s collar owre i heid, an nickytams stappit wi strey, an ae hood – wink tae hap i een. (Siccen a mainner wull a annintees be pripared fur traivlin tae i Lan o i Siven Labors)

Annintee droven wi sauchen, tae i N.E. I S.E. i S.W. i N.W. Neuks, i S.Pint,roon bye i Cintre, tae I NORTH. C…P.. is offert, bit nae teen, till Lucifer taks awa hoodwink. (Annintee shooderd fae park tae steybul led bi Lucifer wi hurdy gurdy) Teen tae horse troch an dichted doon wi caul watter an dryed wi strey an cled en hes ain gean i werd C… P…  Ferm es i rock …..


Nae doots, mi hardy chiel, ye wull hae thocht at wi hae bin gey coorse tae ye es nicht, an sae wi hiv, en ploomin’s werd ye hae hean a “Gweed Annintin” an jist like a i chiels wha hae wakkit es Roddie afore ye, et riprisints i Siven Labors o Heracles, ir Hercules, an ats i mannie at a riprisent i nicht, ah doot ye wull niver hae a sairer ir roucher roddie, en a yer neist- nine an forty eers, till yer siventy, gin i Almichty spare ye at lang.

Peer Breet, Wull ye iver be coorse tae ae peer dum cratur, be et owsen ir horsie I wey wi hae deen tae ye i nicht,mey I Almichty han ye owre tae Aul Nick esel. Ye wull noo be gaen i grep, baith hans. jist likken tae huddin i ploo, an yer mere’s name be P.. an ye yoke ae pair o A…….., an fan igidder, P……, i F….. H…….. tae speed ye on yer wey. Ti ilkadey werd is C…., mi richt han pullar, an I werd A…., mi left han pullar.

Noo mi chiel, ye hae ae richt tae tak yer ain fite stane tae i horsie on Mormun, a fittin moniment tae i fine beasties at hae gaen wis a i pooer tae live aff i lan. Ye ir noo a Bridder amang Bridders an ye can noo jine wi wis a,an hae ae richt jovial nicht igidder. Lit wis noo ,gie I aul birlin boxie ae dirl an wi wull a sing i “Plooin o i Plainstanes”. (TI PLOOIN 0 I PLAINSTANES 0 AIBERDEEN BI BARCLAY O URY, JOHN MILNE ,1866)

(Tae i orra loon’s merch tae i midden) (Himmest twa lines repeat ilka varse)

Ti plooin i plainstanes o Aiberdeen.

Ill yoket horse hae aye lowse links,

An wi ae side ey draw,

Bit i Buchan humlies keep er jog

an rug an rive awa.

Ye canna marra i owsen ploo,

Ti canny beasts ir ey,

Ey neidder blatter en ae bog,

Nir brattle on ae brae.

An fan ey tak ae yerdfest stane,

Ey ben er necks an draw;

Ey hud er tyme wi stedy stot,

An rug an rive awa.

Sae Barclay,Laird o Ury,ses,

As he his rig up drew,

At i plainstanes o Aiberdeen

He ere bigan tae ploo.

Haud i brod tae Brockie!,

We ell gar i plainstanes flee;

An here’s i Provust, honest chiel,

An ae gruesum leuk his he.

Foo ir ye Provust? doen fine?,

An es be yer mistress braw?

Ah hinna tyme tae shak yer han,

Till i humlies stan tae blaw.

Yer plaistanes ir ae bonnie plece,

An drothed as ony bun,

Bit ahve a wad tae ploo en up,

An mak em tae corn grun.

Ti owsen drew,i stanes up flew,

On eind an edge ey lig;

An Barclay left et corn grun,

Tho ae rouch an sletty rig.

Nae doot i darg wus herd an dreich,

An micht be better wared,

Bit far wull ye git sic ae yoke,

Ir chiels like Ury’s Laird?

Ti auld tymes darna be furgot,

Shur,Chiels,ye wull alloo,

Drink up ae toast tae Ury’s Laird,

An wir ain twal owsen ploo.

Heracles, caes tae order, a i gweed bridders fa ken aboot i vrang deins o I nyew annintid bridder, an he be teen tae I Ploomin’s Coort, tae row i ba stane ir I ba lot, fut iver be i chyce o i bridders.


C.Heracles;- Bridder Ploomin, et gies mi nae pleeshur ava tae hae ye cum afore mi es nicht, fur es henyus jink. D ye ken fut wey yere here? – Weel ayll tell ye ony wey. Yere here cus ye hud nae trust en yere Bridders, ey offert ye gweed sustnance fur yere drouth, at sustenance bein caul pee. Wi wull noo harken tae I eevidince.

N.E.Bridder Apollo.- Aye, Heracles, ah offert i gweed bridder caul pee, bit he wisna sair sikken et en.

S.E.Bridder Parnasses;- Aye, Heracles, ah tae offert i gweed bridder a suppie caul pee, an he jist wudna hae et.

S.W.Bridder Perseus;- Aye,Heracles, me tee, ah evin whetted ese vera leps wi I caul pee, bit na, na, stel he wudna tak et.

N.W.Bridder Pegasus;- Aye, Heracles, ah gaed sae far as tae poor a suppie o i caul pee enti his verra moo, bit he sput et oot

S.Bridder Gabriel;- Aye,Heracles, ah wus richt gweed tae wir fine bridder, twis me fa guided im aroon i roddie o Helios,gaed tae im ilka gweed comfirt, bit na, he wudna tak neen, nae evin i smaest suppie o caul pee, a ken nae fit wey,cus ah be kent bi ilkabudy as i gweed sowel.

N.Lucifer;- Aye, Heracles, ah guided es gweed bridder o mine,wi mi sauchen rod, lade enti im,wusna ony bit richtcoorse tae i chiel, twus me fa furst gaed tae im i keek o Selene, an fan he saw I caul pee, bi ti licht o i meen, he quince hes drouth, guzzled et a, nae a drappie wus er left owre, an sikken mair, an ats fut wey ah be a gey prood mannie es nicht C.Heracles:- Bridder Ploomen, ye hae a rowed i bastane, nane o ye hae teen caul feet, bit aswarn at et cam tae yer ken at Lucifer wudna tak aff es tackety beets mor soxs, er wud be nae fear o him takin caul feet, an ats fit wey, tho he micht be en oor mids, o n nichts likken ese, wi lippen tae him, bit ats aboot a, i lave o ye ir tae be commendid fur dein yer bittie. Annintid Bridder, fa wud hae thoucht at yer sojorn amang wis wad hae bin deen an owre sae faist, i bastane or ba lot has bin fund agin ye, nae jist fur yer lack o trust, bit fur gein wus a sica drooth,makin wis sup caul pee,an makin wis a sing an dunce tae Lucifer,an lippen tae hes hurdy gurdy. Heracles, fa ah riprisint i nicht, wus sintinct tae twal labors fur i mangling o ese gweed wife an bairnikies, ats mair an ye cuc thole, sae ye wul be gan a far smerter wey. Gweed Bridders, tak im awa, an shew im i wey tae eteernity, an micht i Almichty hae mercy on ese sowel.

(Anninted Bridder teen tae i laft trap,shewn i cobbled greep en i steybul ablo,bi i licht o ae cannel, Lucifer shews im i ruck tow hingin fae i cuplins, Lucifer maks a noose, shews et tae I anninted bridder, syne pits i hoodwink owre ese heid)

Gabriel:- Almichty, hae mercy on wir gweed bridder, fa hae plooed ese himmest dreel, an tho ers nae doot at he hid muckle guile, gweed fortin an ae sair chauve throw i tree ages o yuth, hes bin fund wuntin, tak him enti yer airms o Almichty Fadder, an guide him en i path o Helios bi dey an Selene Bi nicht, an mey he sojorn throw eteernity, an be ae hellava sicht mair eese an ese furst joorney throw tae i furst age o man.Sae be et.

Lucifer dis i foel werk.

Neist- Meal an Ale an Murnin.

Heracles:- Noo, mi bridder, ers nae doot ye thocht ti nicht wus gan tae be yere himmest, bit et be ae pleeshur fur me tae be i furst tae shak yer han harken tae ye gie me i werds…… Noo yer weel an truly a ploomin bridder amang wis.

Sang:- Faur ti Gates Gang Sindry…

Sum gang i braid an easie roddie

Ere breeth ey wiss tae hain,

Bit Almichty geis wis a ae lift,

Hes sikken tae mak wis men.

Gin ey war wyss, eyd gang His gate,

Nae idder wud ey daur;

Fa tak nae warnin o His werd,

Wull hae tae fare i waur.

Ae sairer skweel, He ell pit ye till,

Till ilka folly flits;

Ti hichest hulls, He ell ding em doon,

An brainge em a en bits.

Ti wyss His tellins winna tine,

Nor Hailie Hoose forhow,

Bit gowks lat fa His bidden a

Ilka ein wull sairly rue.

Futher wi hae rowth or maet,

Or niver get wir sair;

Futher wi hae cleddin braw,

Or gang en duds fu bare.

Futher wi be heal an fere,

Or dwinnin lik tae dee,

Futher en i howff o dule

Or en i houss o glee.

Wir werks tae be wi i Almichty,

An weit apon Thy wulle,

An boldly tak i nairra roddie,

Straucht up tae yon Halie Hull.

Gabriel i gweed sowel wull noo lead wis a tae i Pullar of Calpe far wi wul a be stunnin fur i lave o i nicht.


Sae happy tae meet,

Sae meloncholy tae pairt.

Sae happy tae meet again.

Yer roddie is niver lang,

Fan yiv bin tae be wi bridders.


Fitten like fowkies ?

Fitten like fowkies en yon braid Buchan lan ?

Fowks fa ken er grun likken i back o er han,

Divots an clort an clod, rock graivel an san.

Fitten like fowkies en yon gran Buchan howe ?

Fowkies fa can gar i grun near at onyat growe.

Neeps,tatties an corn, horsie, heifer an yowe.

Fitten like be i fowk en yon braw Buchan neuk?

Thrawn kine o fowk fa ken bit i brods O er buik,

An warshep i Ploomins Werd an i shearin heuk.

Fowks fa wud hae er sey and wud speir er speir,

Gidder gey birns o bairns an muckles o gear,

Fa guang er ain gait wi ae lauch ae spit ir ae sweir.

Weel Granda, ah hae read i buikie, ets bin ae rare lauch, bit er wus ein ir twa wee bitties, fair dumfoonert mi.

Dinna fash yersel, mi loon, ah kent fine yewud be speirin aplinty, ats fut wey amguan tae tell ye a aboot i Annintin o Jock Dawson, en i fairm toon O Gartsheerie. Noo tae lit ye ken, Jock wus i hardiest chiel ye wad iver ken, he mishered sax fet sax baith weys, hans likken tae braid mooed shuffles, wi ae heid on im likken tae an Angis bull.Sae weel kent wus Jock,at bridder ploomin cam fae as hindy awa as yewd iver ken, ey cam fae i Mearns, i Fyvie, i Turra,I Deers, i Tarves, i Slains, i Crudens, I Strayths an i Glens, man ey cam fae a yon airts, ey cam on coos, on horsie, ponies, shunks mere an bikies, charabungs an evin i meevin smiddy, tae Mormun veelige, ye wull na doot be winnerin fut a meevin smmidy wus, weel mi loon, twus jist a trainie, cus wi i sperks fleein faet, et wud mine ye o ae smiddy. Onywey, is a wus seyin, ey cam fae awey, Aikey Brae jist wus nae marra for es. Sae muckle ploomin kent o Jock Dawson, fa wus ane o i “Teuch Tykes o Tarlan” fae i Howe O Cromar, naebudy wus sikken tae nae be er.

Twus i Seterdey o i himmest ful meen in Septimer, ey his tae be Septimer, I siventh munth o wur aul calender, ilka chiel wus huddin es bottlie o fuskie en hes pooch. Aswarn i jovialties sterted aroon sax o i kinock, i meen wus weel up fae i horizen, fan Lucifer,a rigget oot en i heid o a muckle Clydesdal horsie cam pruncin roon i gidderin, i hurdy gurdy wus dingin oot i “Ploomins Sang”,an Jock fund imsel en i verra cinter o i melee.

Ye wull hae read i bittie aboot gettin ih a ready, weel, jist afore i put i hoodwink owre es heid, Heracles i Maister Ploomin ses, “Jock, mi muckle chiel, wad ye be kennin fut ae hospice wad be? Na, na, Jock et be naethin likken tae ae hoospital, ae hospice es aboot twa gallon, an gin ye keek enti i pail, ye ell see at es be summat wi jist gotten fae i horsie i dey, (corse et wus jist gey smelly strang fae i boddam o i midden). Syne Jock wus hoodwinked, an telt at i strey doon i erse o hes breeks wus jist en case he wud drate hesel wi fear, bit et wus jist tae ward aff i wullops wi i sauchen rod, i dubbin wus tae mak i horsies coller nae sae sair tae weer. Jock wus merched roon i parkie haulin a muckle spreng harra ahent him, his hans tied an hes feet bun tae short steppies, tae a i airts wus he teen, an aye offert i “Caul Pee”, ae cuppie o gweed sauty watter, tae hes leps, corse Jock wad be thinkin twus oot o yon pailie an tak ony, he wud not, hes moo as dry as ae simmers burn, syne Lucifer wud tak aff i hood-wink,an er et wus,be i licht o I meen,Lucifer, poorin oot a flagon o rare ale,- Weel mi loon ,ah needna bit sey, Jock scowfed i hale flagon en ae gouff. Syne wi a gaed tae i steybuls an sang i “Plooin o i Plainstanes” and Jock hid tae teem i flagon on i himmest line o ilka’chorus. Efter Jock hid bin teen tae i troch an gean ae redd up, he wus cled an gean ae fair drappie o fuskie, an ocorse bi es tyme, et wusna only jock at wud be gey fu an friskie. Jock thocht he wus noo a bridder amang ploomen, bit foo vrang cud he be, fur i maist hellava halahaloo gotten up, Jock wus grabbit, bun han an fet wi ruck tow, an carried tae i corn laftie abeen i steybul. Ye ell hae read aboot i coort, corse Lucifer, he wus I only chiel fa can niver be ae bridder wi i lave o wis, gin he hid teen aff hes tackety beets, wi wud hae fund oot he hud i feet o a horsie as weel as i heid, I verra deevil esell, an nane bit ae feel an ocorse Jock, wad hae trock wi Aul Nick. ats fut wey Lucifer got i foel werk o pushin Jock doon i laft trap, tae claim him as ese ain. Corse wi waur shure tae pit doon plinty gwanna bugs o strey for Jock tae fae on, an ocorse, Lucifer didna pit i noose roon Jock’s neck, bit er agin, Jock wisna tae ken at. Syne wi wad rush tae i steybul, cut hes feet, an tak him up tae i corn laft fur a mournfu sang, an mair caul pee and fuskie. Aye mi loon heich jinks aricht, an ers anidder seyin fan a laddie got jilted fur anidder, ey wud sey “he gotten es feet cut” freed fae i deevil aswarn, noo at wus anidder seyin o i ploomin. Ir ye jist richt gled at ye ell niver hae tae ploo i grun noo mi loon?.



Ae lan o plinty,

Peat bogs an puddock steels,

Gey weet an clorty widder,

An gey contermashius chiels.


Lecter bi Gabriel (Gweed Sowel)

Hunners o eers afore i eer ane, yer antient bridders furst plooed i lan bethooth i ese o a beastie o burdin, bit noo en ess lan yer twal coos maun beir I brunt. Yer annintin as ae bridder plooman his bin tae larn ye niver tae ill ese ony livin cratur, fur ye micht hae bin talt afore noo, at mankine wus makket en I image o i Almichty, bit wis ploomin ken fine at ah craturs, grate an sma,waur makket en Ese Almichty image. Ye micht ken, at i latter “G” at surroonds yer leeven boord, bi emblimatec o i Almichty fae ony airt,an yill ken er tae be sax an fowerty eers aheid o ye, wi i himmest tree bein i richt han pullar,”Calpe” an i left han pullar “Abyla”, syne “Heracles” en I cinter, yer trachles owre, ye hae deen yer siven ages o man, syne i neist eers ir jist tae be thunkfu at i Almichty hae lit ye houch aboot fur sae lang. Idder emblims wull be fund gin ye keek I boord,riprisintin i siven deidly sens, I twal labours o Heracles, wi atum, winter spring an simmer ah er, bit yill hae tae vroch i ploo fur siven lang eer afore ye be kennin ony mair. Hoo iver a can noo lit ye ken at en i mytholgy o antient Greece, “Calpe” wis Gibralta (Ferm es I Rock) an “Abyla” wus Africa, (DerkContnent) Nota Bene  noo,fur socht ye be.

Efter i Annintin wus owre,a i chiels wad git enti wee bourichies, syne i funnies wud bigen :- Geordie wus arrestet fur guan bar nyaked en Aiberdeen;-Apperently i kitchie deem hid telt Geordie nae tae be glaiket, an tak aff yer jaiket, sark, semit an lang drawers an a, “Noo Geordie, jist gang tae toon” – An sae he did.

Syne Geordie wus bein blamed fur nickin i kitchie deem;- “Et canna be Geordie” ses Untee Mary,”he wudna ken fit tae dee”- “He wud ken et wusna fur steerin ese tey wi” ses Untee Jean, (evin ah kent at, an am only eliven yer aul). En er wus Jock oot plooin wi i nyew fangled tracter, fan et braks doon. Ower i parkie cums i fairm pair o Clydesdal horsies, “Ets yer sparkie plugies Jock” an shur enoch et wus. Fair dumfoonert, Jock telt i blechsmith, “Fitna horsie wus et” spiers I mannie fae i smiddy, “Oh, i fite ane, ats aricht en, cus yon broon ane kens naethin aboot tracters, Geordie niver gotten enouch tae ate, i kitchie deem gead him fower muckle shefs o breed,fult wi chese neist dey aucht, an Geordie wus stel girnin, sae she havert a hale louf o bred an fult et wi i hale kaybuck o chese. “Ah sees wir back tae jist ae sandwedge again” ses Geordie. En er wus Siven an siven auchts Robb, ese midder didna ken fut tae ca im, sae ey puts ae hullock o neimes en fadder’s bunnet, an dis midder nae gang an pull oot i size o i bunnet.

Geordie, aye i same Geordie fa could niver git enouch tae ate, wus snawed en an hud tae bide i nicht wi i neeberin fairmer fa hid a richt bonnie dochter, at supper,Geordie wud hae aten i hale keybuch o chese, wir et nae fur i fairmer an hes gweed wife, ey ses,nae mair an pit i chese awa. Geordie hid tae sleep on i deece en i kitchen, an en i middlin o I nicht, wus he nae wakent bi i bonniest qwine ye wad iver ken, et wus i dochter, nyaked as i dey shi wus borne, “Fadder an Midder ir baith soond asleep, sae noo wud be yer chunce” ses shi, Weel noo dis Geordie nae rise an ate i lave o i chese.

Ti nicht wud gang on tae i wee sma oors an i ale an fuskie wud gang roon and roon. Maist ilka ploomin chiel wud be lookin forrat a eer tae es Septimer nicht, et wus a nicht at nene wud iver furget, an neist dey ye wud hae seen mair fairleys en I toon o Streechin, a makin er weys hame afore i gweed fowk wad be gan tae i kirk. Mine ye, er wud hae bin a gey pucklie o i same chiels makin er wey tae i kirkie as wus amang i heichest jinks at i Annintin, an naebudy thocht ony i waur o em, at wus i wey en ey deys, mi loon. Sae at be i tale o i Buchan Ploomin,naethin aboot I trauchle o ere ilkadey lives, na, jist I tale of i funny tymes en an idderwyse drole exestence.

History disnae sey fut iver cam owre I fowk fae es Nor East Neuk,fa waur caed I Picts ir Pichts, bit et micht weel be, at I forfadders o wis Buchan Ploomin, wi wir Doric, an antient customs, gaen hindy back tae i mist o tyme, nae doot aboot et, I Picts ir stel leevin en Buchan i dey.

Pegasses:- Ti Fleein Horse -Peg:- Asses.

Apollo;- Carin fur beasties an craps.

Lucifer:-Ti deevil, Aul Nick,Winter.

Parnasses;-Mountin, Strenth,Endurin.

Perseus:- Galant, Brave, Heroic.

Gabriel:- Savyer, Gweed Sowel, Simmer.

Selene:-Meen, Dim Licht, Nicht, Wast.

Helios:-Sen, Bricht Licht, Dey,E ast.

Abyla:- Antient Bridder Yer Lang Awa.

Africa, Derk Contnent, Eteernity.

Calpe:- Yowth, Mowse Thochts, Deidly Sens

Ye can noo see at i ploomin hud monywerds, i eese o fut er wud noo be sum doot, bit et wud appeir at ey wud git ae wee bittie mair ilka siven eers, up ti I age o siventy. Rowin i ba stane, wus a wey o makin deceeshuns wi jist ae stane, bit I ba lot wus deen wi ilka ein wi ae bleck an fite peeble. Antient weys an wunts o an antient fowk, o at er can be nae doot, nae mony wull mourn er passin, bit i kitchie deems o i aul fairm toons wud hae heen ae far better life, gin only ey hud ae buikie o i ploomins grep an werd.




Should auld acquaintance be forgot,

And never brought to mind?

Should auld acquaintance be forgot,

And auld lang syne!


For auld lang syne,my dear,

For auld lang syne,

We’ll tak a cup o kindness yet

For auld lang syne.


And surely ye’ll be your pint strowp!

And surely I’ll be mine!

And we’ll tak a cup o kindness yet,

For auld lang syne.


We twa hae run aboot the braes,

And pooed the gowans fine:

But we’ve wanderd mony a weary fit,

Sin auld lang syne.


We twa hae paddeld in the burn

Frae mornin sun till dine,

But seas atween us braid hae roared,

Sin auld lang syne.


And there’s a hand, my trusty fiere,

and gie’s a hand o thine,

And we’ll tak a richt gude willie wauch

For auld lang syne.



Is there for honest poverty,

That hings his head, an a that?

The coward slave, we pass him by

We dare be poor for a that,

For a that an a that,

Our toils obscure, an a that,

The rank is but the guinea’s stamp,

The man’s the gowd for a that !


Then let us pray that come it may,-

(As come it will for a that)-

That Sense and Worth, o’er a the earth,

May bear the gree, an a that,


For a that, an a that,

It’s comin yet for a that,

That man to man, the world o’er,

Shall brithers be for a that.



The last meeting of the “Horsemen of Buchan”, when the ceremony on which this story was based, is believed to have been in September 1936. Kenung the author, would be pleased to hear of any ploughman, aged over 8lyears, who was at the Gartsheerie meeting.

Acknowledgement to Gordon McKay of Grampian Business Products for his assistance in producing this booklet.

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